“Creating new perceptions to create exciting new possibilities.”

Successful publicity does not equal a single tactic, or a one size fits all strategy; but does involve the essential element of collaboration.

Individuals or independents such as authors or artists have a greater challenge than established celebrities to get their name and talent before the public. Big name entertainers can afford large public relation firms with multiple “handlers” to manage their image. Most lone rangers cannot.

That’s where I come in. My name is Rose Lorenti and I am a personal publicist. I work in collaboration with artists, authors, musicians, and indie business owners who are too busy working on their business to take up time or energy to promote themselves. I work with them to discover the unique hooks or angles that define their business, then develop the tactics, vehicles or venues that will best broadcast that uniqueness. I will promote you and your business – using the right mix of relationship networking and social marketing tools – to get the attention of the media and your market.

What I Do

  • Develop Mission and Vision
  • Define Personal Image
  • Build Social Media Platforms
  • Develop Your Reputation Online
  • Implement Social Networking: posts, tweets, blog
  • Reach Influencers
  • Build Media Relationships

In Addition

I can help you build a strong platform from which to market your talent, product or service. I will introduce you to experienced professionals who can provide you with brand-building tools like these to take your business to the next level:

  • Web Site with Blog
  • Personal Press Kit
  • Facebook Business Page
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Twitter Page
  • You-Tube Channel: Audio and Video
  • Business Card with Logo Icon and Tagline
  • Custom Email Signature
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Outreach Campaigns

How I Work
Initial 20-minute telephone consultations are free, but must be scheduled in advance. Email at rose@rosyimage.com to schedule an appointment.

“Let’s work together to build your brand.”

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